MIAOW: About

MIAOW is developed as an academic research project at UW-Madison. Our development team is below. Some on this team have graduated from UW-Madison and are currently employed at companies like Google and NVIDIA. MIAOW itself has no affiliation to any commercial entities.

  • Raghuraman Balasubramanian
  • Mario Paulo Drumond
  • Vinay Gangadhar
  • Ziliang Guo
  • Chen-Han Ho
  • Cherin Joseph
  • Jaikrishnan Menon
  • Robin Paul
  • Sharath Prasad
  • Pradip Vallathol
  • Karthikeyan Sankaralingam
To contact us mail miaowgpu@cs.wisc.edu or miaowgpu@googlegroups.com.